Travel budget


Is it possible to travel with kids abroad for 1000$ a month or less?

Yes, i know. In my recently updated ebook i offered a route for a year of traveling for 1400$ a month.

And the thing is that even as i was writing that ebook, the option for cheaper traveling existed (and i
mentioned it at the end of the ebook). But i went under the assumption that most people would prefer a cozy trip – bordering-on-touristic, over a trip that focuses on deeper experiences.

But lately, a lot of people come to me for consultation and highlight their desire to just stay a long while in certain place. And when i send them a route that fits their budget (in which i try to give them as much as possible) they ask me to air it out. To take out a few destinations so they can really.. Stay.
Apparently that ‘nesting’ i love going on about- is becoming an option a lot of families like.
Ok. I understand. If that’s the situation, and if I am really listening to my readers, i recognize an
interesting change. Ok then. No problem and that’s why lately, not only did i check about all, or at least most of them places I’ve been to, seeing if i could lower costs and yet still maintain high enjoyment I also asked and interviewed every traveler and backpacker i met. Today i even caught a cute traveler i met at the grocery store (in the tiny village in India where we’re staying now) and i interviewed her about the tiny island in the middle east where she lives.

So, Is It Possible??

Well it’s not possible in every destination or country. At least according to what i know. But during My journey I found a few places where it’s definitely possible to live on a very low budget.

In India, for example, in the north right below the himalayas, there’s a small village the kids and me really like. We stayed there 3 times for long periods, over 6 months total. The village’s name is “Vashisht”, i wrote about it quite a bit over the years.

In the village there’s a delightful combination of mountain air, charming local populace, narrow, vehicles free alleys, cold, clear waterfalls, apple and apricots plantations, hot springs where you can sit all day every day (for free) and good restaurants.

If you get there and decide you want to stay a while, just live there for a period of time, 3 months for
example, you could live on a really minimal budget and very largely.

You could rent a comfortable apartment for 10,000 rupees a month.

Food will cost you, for the whole family, without being stingy (but still keeping to the principles of
Nesting, which brings with them cheap prices and discounts), will be 1500 rupees a day. Meaning
45,000 rupees a month.

Other expenses such as communication, transportation, a bit if activities and special treats- another
10,000 rupees a month.

Grand total of 65,000 rupees a month. Meaning 1000$, more or less, depends on the exchange rate at the time.

But Vashisht is of course not the only place in india, and certainly not the only place in the east
where you can live cheaply yet largely. I love Vashisht because beyond the great life conditions there, there’s great atmosphere there. There are all kinds of yoga, youngsters practicing juggling and Martial arts on the rooftops, you can hear music and singing coming from the rooms when walking down the alleys, and lots of calmness.

During our years of traveling we lived in other places where there was also a magical atmosphere and great quality of life. Each place has it’s own charms and we enriched ourselves in many ways.
You won’t find these places on the Internet. You won’t google search and get a list. These are places it’s only possible to find after you really start traveling. And only after you get there, and check, and insist.

So if you’re dreaming of getting out for a bit, refresh yourself, meet new places and spend a while In peace and quiet, and if you’re attracted to traveling Nesting style, and staying in a number of places for a long period- know it is possible. It’s entirely possible to find a few interesting places to stay in for a while, just like this village, and still keep a low budget.

Want to get a route in which there are four interesting places to ‘nest’ in for less than 1000$ a month?

Send me an email. or start with my ebook.