How to travel with kids

How to say ‘selfie’ in Tibetan?

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Have a kid that likes taking selfies?


I have one too:-).

And another one on her way to selfie land.

I like to go along with what interests my children. I think that listening to them, but really listening, every day, is a very important personal example to set. It teaches them two vital things, in my opinion:

1. That they’re worth the same as everyone else, as they are. That what interests them is equal to what interests me, and it doesn’t matter if it’s selfies (for my girls) or Greek philosophers (for me, because I’m really intelligent. Well, not really…). No one is judging and criticizing and not giving grades. What ‘counts’ for more and what ‘counts’ for less. Anything is good.

2. That that is the way to act towards anyone. There’s no other way to meet a person, other the one respecting him (or her), accepting each person for what’s inside, in appreciation, equality, love.

For example, if the girl likes shoes (she didn’t get it from me…) I’ll cooperate with her and point out every cute shoe we see in the Main Market in Ladakh. The weird traditional shoes, the woolen slippers, the shoes made from Marmot skin, the shiny heels, and more.

If my little one likes animals, I’ll travel with her and explore the world with her through that field of interest.

Because you can meet the world in a million ways. And not only the way all the guidebooks tell us. Or how we think we ‘need’.

The truth is, when I listen to them, I notice they’re also more open to listen to me. And so we meet the world

together, from all sorts of different angles and perspectives.

So if the girl likes selfies, work with her.
Remind her to take selfies in especially beautiful or interesting places, challenge her to take selfies with interesting people you meet along the way, under signs of places you’ve been, collect and keep them all, and at the end of the trip- you could make a collection of all the pictures, and that can really be exciting.

#DontForgetToJoinTheSelfieYourselfSometime :-).

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