How to travel with kids

15 reasons why you should set out on a long trip with your kids.

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When I worked on my ebook “How to travel the world for a year on 1400$ a month” I never even considered that I’ll have to explain why it pays off to go on a trip like this. I’ve been doing it for so long and it’s always been clear to me why. But after a while, I’ve begun to understand that maybe it’s not so clear to everyone. And that maybe there are people that want to go very much but can’t make up their minds. And I started posting amusing Facebook statuses (“cause it’s the best, most comfortable way to get back to your bikinis”… for example) and i talked about it with some friends and with anyone that contacted me personally by email for consultation until I reached the conclusion that there’s no escaping it. I need to write something serious. So here it is, and it’s really just the tip of the ice..

  • Traveling with your kids will make them fluent in English in less than 6 months. Serious.
  • It will allow you for shared family experiences, a minute before they escape between your fingers. Experiences you and them will remember your whole life.
  • To meet interesting people from all over the world.
  • To see wonderful and strange places- something that leads to changes in how you see the world and to widening your perspective on life and everything around us.
  • To meet children that live, and manage their lives entirely differently from the way we know. And somehow manage to find happiness. Even without whatsapp..
  • To see places that won’t be authentic in 10 years. growth and modernization are happening all over the world faster than ever. In a few years everything will be different.
  • To allow the kids to cope with different situations, unfamiliar ones, outside the safe zone. It will add to their self confidence and their feelings of independence..give them new skills. And show them themselves from a different viewpoint.
  • And if we’re already talking about skills, the mother of all reasons: development of social skills. After this trip the kids could give University seminars on how to make friends.
  • Experience a whole new way of learning, an experiences derived way powered by curiosity alone. Challenging Experiences derived learning that exposes the kids to a wide range of fascinating knowledge.
  • And to get some time off the stressed routine of the west. Escape the screens, look around see what’s happening.
  • A year in which we dedicate life to collecting experiences and memories, rather than things and possessions.
  • To let them fall in love with the whole world, on all it’s ways, colors, habits and beauty.
  • To focus on the similarities between them and people all over the world, not in the differences.
  • To discover that under the different looks, skin color, the weird language, the funny clothes- there are people that are very similar to us.
  • We’ll expose them to an unbelievable range of different lifestyles, of choices, of the many ways people choose to achieve happiness. And show them,  in reality, how everything is possible.
  • To light the fire within you and show your kids yourself in a different light. An exciting light, ecstatic, and full of passion.
  • To dance with them in the streets, to get excited with them, jump into water with them, to cope together with different challenges and edgy situations. To show them we’re all just people. To show them different sides of us, sides that very rarely show themselves in our normal everyday.

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