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Family travel India- Vashisht (beautiful village, north India)- what can you do there and costs of travel

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Many families that come to north India prefer to stay away from the hustle and bustle of Manalil and old Manali and instead locate in Vashisht. And with good reasons.
  • In Vashisht there’s no entry to any motorized vehicle. So it’s much easier and safer to walk with the kids in the narrow alleys.
  • Everything in Vahsihst is cheaper than neighboring Manali, and the quality is the same.
  • The view is better. In almost every guest house you can find a nice big room with a balcony in the mountains direction.
  • The hot springs are a daily pleasure for the whole family.
  • Near the village, a walking distance away, there are a few waterfalls and natural pools. A good way to spend a day. Or at least half a day.
  • Lessons in yoga, music, juggling, and dancing. Kids are very welcome and usually don’t pay.
  • Everything is close to home. Grocery stores, internet, restaurants and cafes offering a wide range of foods, and the rickshaw stop. The Ayurveda clinic is of the communal sort and doesn’t require payment (even for the medicines).
  • The village is small and within a few days everyone will know the kids and will be happy to play, walk, or host them.
prices and costs in vashisht for example:

Natural fruit juice, mixed fruit juice or shake: 40 rupees

Local thali: 80-100 rupees

Average room: 500 rupees

Internet: 50 rupees an hour

Hot spring, waterfalls, crazy view free !


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