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vietnam with kids- ho chi minh city’s less known attractions

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Spice up your trip with some of the city’s hidden secrets

If you’ve found yourself in Saigon (also referred to/known as Ho Chi Minh City) with your kids, chances are high that you’ve been told to visit Ben Thanh Market, Thien Hau Temple, and maybe walk around the Museum of Ho Chi Minh City. Sometimes, though, it’s nice to take a break from the regular hang-out spots and explore something unique and different. Here are a few ideas that’ll take you on the road less traveled within Saigon:

Binh Quoi Tourist Village:

Don’t let the title fool you! Binh Quoi is generally ignored by the tourists of your home country (read: all tourists), or they simply don’t know it exists. About 30 minutes outside of Saigon City Center (8 kilometers), Binh Quoi will make you forget the city life and ease you into the classic Vietnamese village aesthetic. From lotus ponds to bamboo water-wheels, there’s much to see here that you wouldn’t experience from simply walking around Saigon aimlessly.

Separated into three sections, Binh Quoi is equipped with paddling, fishing, and ideal locations to relax and nurse a beer. If you haven’t already, this would be the time to get to know the Saigon river; Binh Quoi 3 is the place to be if you’re of the mind to disconnect from the urban life and reconnect with nature. For those looking for sports or more lively activities, Binh Quoi 2’s swimming pool and tennis courts should be enough to satisfy the athletic itch. Additionally, there are cultural performances throughout the year, and lively buffets to make sure you’re well-fed as you explore.

The village is easily accessible by bus (Line 44 from Ben Thanh Market to Binh Quoi Station), or of course, by motorbike or car.

Movement Therapy

As exciting and fun as traveling is, sometimes it has its stressful moments. It’s important to occasionally check in with yourself and make sure you’re nourishing your spiritual self in addition to the side that screams at you to go, go, go. Luckily, there’s a movement therapy workshop in the heart of Saigon- also known as The Movement Kitchen– that does just that, while keeping the atmosphere of the studio decidedly Saigon-ese.

Bringing in a blend of Ho Chi Minh cuisine with the art of movement, this course isn’t one you’ll happen upon unless you know of it in advance. Hosted in District 3 just outside the city center, you’ll find the studio that will help you take your mind off any of life’s woes, at least for the couple hours that you’re focusing on your body. Not only will you learn how to dance and breathe in a way that you’ll find spiritually healing, but you’ll also get to meet locals and engage with authentic Vietnamese cuisine (including all-natural coconut and cocoa balls that bolster energy and are made only with locally grown ingredients).

The Movement Kitchen may seem like a place that has too many Woodstock overtones to it, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away- after all, aren’t you in Saigon to try new things? Knowing that you’ll be surveying the work of local artisans while simultaneously becoming one with your soul, it’s an experience you probably shouldn’t miss.

A unique and amazing way to explore china town with your kids

If you want to explore in a different and immersive way the district of Cholon in Ho Chi Minh City, you should not miss this 4-hour interactive mystery adventure ?️‍♂️?️‍♀️.

You will follow in the footsteps of the culprit through the city’s Chinese quarter and visit ancient temples, traditional medicine boutiques, unique shops and hidden lanes. You will interact with locals along this scripted walking tour to learn additional clues and help you solve the murder of Dr. Lam….

By late morning you will have traveled most of Cholon while following a fascinating storyline!

Ideal choice for family who want to explore the city at their own peace and in full autonomy while having fun at the same time! Recommended for kids over 7.

Daily walking tour – Starts at 8:45 AM in D5 ( Approximately 30mn taxi ride from District 1).

43$/adult and 33$ for child (7-11 yo) (free for children under 7 years old)

for bookings call +84(0)909789884 or mail.


∴ more tips about how to explore the Vietnamese culture and traditions with your kids you will find here. 

Artinus 3D Art Museum

It may not be known for having the best artwork in the city, but what it may lack in notoriety it makes up for in uniqueness. The gallery’s appeal lies in its three-dimensional works, depicting images corresponding to various themes in each of its different rooms. Almost all of the images are specifically life-like; you may feel as though you’re actually in the midst of the Renaissance, or perusing real pyramids from Ancient Egypt. The fun element of the gallery lies in its ability to incorporate visitors into its art, so make sure you go with family or friends to get the full experience- it’s completely interactive.

It’s true that art is subjective and some people relate to the 3-D medium more than others; if the art there doesn’t amaze you, not to worry; the photo ops there are endless, and you won’t walk away without at least having an incredible selfie. In addition, photographers will have a chance to hone their craft and take photos that usually don’t present themselves, so whether you’re a novice or professional- bring your camera!

Tickets are between $8-$12, and it’s about a 10-15 minute taxi ride from District One. It’s located at 2-4 Road 9, Him Lam Residential Area, Tan Hung Thuan Ward, District 7.

Cafe Chung Cu

Coffee is an extremely important part of the Saigon experience, especially when you take into account how different the flavor of the world’s favorite caffeinated beverage is as compared to the rest of Vietnam. Those with a penchant for all things sugary will find Saigon’s blend hits that sweet spot right where you need it to (although Turkish coffee lovers might have a bit of a difficult time with the lack of bitterness).

But, while anyone can wander into any old coffee shop, Saigon offers you a unique treat- Cafe Chung Cu. This means “apartment cafe”, referring to the recent trend in Saigon to infuse old apartments with art, culture and coffee. Without sign or warning that within an apartment lies your coffee destination, the only way to reach these cafes is to be in the know, rendering them the new hipster hotspots. One particular apartment of note stands at 42 Nguyen Hue, on Saigon’s bustling Walking Street. This building used to be temporary home to various naval and military officers, but has taken on new inhabitants in its post-war glory: Coffee shops. From floors zero to nine, you’ll find coffee shops to tickle every one of your fancies, as well as clothing boutiques and a tea house or two. Whether you decide on The Letter Cafe, Saigon Ơi or Mango Tree to sit and sip, you can easily spend a full day exploring the apartment building, surrendering to the senses of Saigon as you do.

As a traveling family, we have been to Vietnam many times and ho chi minh city is one of our favorites. check out the article with everything you need to know about traveling with kids to Vietnam, and our recommended family-friendly hotels.

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